From passion in fresh vegetables and fruits transformed into a commitment to making quality snack for the best health

“Why can’t we treat ourselves a delicious snack that come with a better health?” 

We have to admit that we crave for delicious snacks even though they contain lots of unhealthy materials which potentially cause us many major health issues. With a global new trend on healthy-lifestyle, many people pay more attention on healthy behaviors which a selection of healthy food is one of those behaviors that has been adopted by many health-conscious consumers. Nevertheless, those healthy food or snack usually taste bad which bring a bad experience to many consumers.

“Hebe” is the goddess of ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of eternal youth and health. Moreover, Hebe can also be referred to two key words: Healthy (He-) and Beauty (Be-); therefore, it can be implied that Hebe can bring you a healthy, beauty and sustainable life.

Hebe team was established by a passion and commitment to make the best quality & flavorful healthy snack.  With a delicate selection of fresh vegetables and fruits from Thailand’s best farm in addition to the unique and extraordinary natural seasonings, we can deliver a delicious snack with a number of preserved nutrients. It’s time to enjoy a wonderful experience of tasty snack while living your healthier and happier life.  

Raw material

Delicate selection from Thailand’ s best farm

Focus on the fresh green and premium quality okra


Premium quality snack which is high in nutrients

Thai FDA and GMP certified


Use Vacuum Frying Technology to retain less oil and better preserve nutrients than traditional frying method
We care about every single process and detail to produce the best quality product”